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Dog in field


Top Dog Kennels is a medium-size kennel located in the southeastern part of South Dakota – serious bird country. Since 1995, Top Dog Kennels has been proudly raising and training pointing labrador retrievers. TDK dogs are some of the top pointing bloodlines in the country. These dogs know birds, and they hunt, hunt, hunt! NO BOOT POLISHERS OR BROOD BITCHES HERE!

We hunt dogs on pheasants, partridge, quail, ducks, and geese. I am a professional hunting guide and I am in the field hunting and guiding approximately 100 days each year.

TDK dogs easily pick up 1500 birds each season. Dogs must prove themselves in order to stay here. I am very hard to please. Most of my litters are early spring and summer. It would be very rare for me to have a fall litter. I want my dogs with me out in the field hunting and not in a whelping box. I also provide gundog training in the late spring and summer – please contact me for more information.

Top Dog Kennels now offers guided pheasant hunts with our pointing labs. Call or email for more information.

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