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Medal of Honor QA2 x 2xGMPR Dead Rivers P4p Line of Fire MH

Razor was the new stud dog here at TDK in 2018. He pointed very early as a pup. He passed the tough evaluation to stay when others didn’t cut. He literally freezes when on point. He loves to retrieve, marks incredibly well, good looks, strong hunt, and prey drive. He came to us via South Carolina. I was looking for some bloodlines different from what I already had and loaded with titles.

Razor’s pedigree is full of FC/AFC QAA MH HRCH and GMPR’s. This dog is turning heads. I’m super excited to add him to my breeding program.

He is available for stud to approved females. Contact me for more information.

Pedigree Information:

Medal of Honor QA2 (ylw)

FC Tribute to Justice JH (blk)

Gotta-B-Gin-U-Win (ylw)

FC AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James (ylw)

FC AFC Dutchman Gold Midnite Eve MH (blk)

FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford 2011 Hall of Fame (blk)

HRCH Southills U Gotta B Kiddin MH (ylw)

2xGMPR Dead Rivers P4pLine of Fire MH

GMPR HRCH Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH QAA, QA2 (ylw)

MPR HR Highpoint's Mellow Yellow Quinn (ylw)

1.5 GMPR Calumet's Wild Card MH QAA (blk)

2xNC 3xGMPR HRCH Reno's BLack Ice MH (2x National    
BDC/NUCS Champ, 2nd Place BDC World Champ (blk)

GMPR Snake River Eagle Talon SH (ylw)

Highpoint's Elcanen Cadillac Style (ylw)

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