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If you are looking for a chocolate or yellow labrador that can play the highest level of the hunt test games, head turner hunting dog and family member, take a good look at these females.

Boy and a dog named Maze


TDKs Maze Back to Birdie 

Maze is sired via frozen semen by FC AFC Hilltops Hayseed (Bubba). Bubba was a littermate to Birdie's dam (Black Gold's Markin Marti) and NAFC FC AFC Zinger. Maze also has a strong bottom side of pointing labs. She is bred SOLID.

If you know me or my kennel at all, you know who Birdie was. She was the dog that put TDK on the map.    

It's no surprise that Maze points given her pedigree. She has a great off switch and is loyal like a lab should be. She will be a great addition to my breeding program in 2021. 

OFA Excellent • CAER Clear 

Pedigree Information: 

Maze's pedigree information can be found by clicking here.

Dog named Karma


GMPR HR Northstars Smooth Criminal JH x TDK’s Show No Mercy

Karma is a powerhouse of a dog. She has a strong natural point just like her Dam TDK’s Show No Mercy. Karma is intensity…. She will literally run through a brick wall to retrieve and is one of the highest bird driven dogs I’ve ever owned. She simply can’t get enough. Her pedigree consists of the following dogs: GMPR Northstars Smooth Criminal JH, TDK’s Show No Mercy, 4xGMPR Cashman’s PDQ MH, 4xGMPR Chaska SH, CPR Snake, CPR Dyna, FC AFC CFC CAFC MHR GMPR Chance, 4xGMPR Reigny SH, 4xGMPR Kenai MH, 4xGMPR Gator and the list goes on and on farther back. To say her pedigree is LOADED is an understatement. She’s a welcomed addition to my guide dog team and breeding program in 2018. I expect big things from her pups.

OFA Excellent • Clear CERF • EIC CNM PRA Clear

Pedigree Information:

GMPR HR Northstars Smooth Criminal JH (blk)

4xGMPR Cashman's Pdq of Orion MH (blk)

FC Candlewoods Meet Joe Black (blk)

4xGMPR Chaska of Northstar SH (blk)

4xGMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH (ylw)

CPR Hrk's Tigs Irish Cream

TDK's Show No Mercy (ylw)

CPR Lindell's Prairie Rattler (blk)

4xGMPR Kroegers Snappin Gator MH (ylw)

CPR Shooter's Cattail Summer JH

CPR Ctr Lindell's Rooster Dynasty (blk)

FC AFC CFC CAFC MHR GMPR Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko (blk)

4xGMPR HR Tiger Mtn's Midnight Reign SH (blk)

Dog named Mona


1.5GMPR RLK’s Eye of the Tiger “Rock” x CPR TDK’s Blue Hunter Rose Lady Jasmine

Mona is a granddaughter to our own TDK’s Chaos. I’m very hard to please and good chocolate pointing labrador retrievers are hard to find. Mona has a very nice strong natural point, strong retrieve drive and lives for the water. (Don’t let her AKC name fool you. It’s a joke among friends.) She is a deep dark chocolate (often mistaken for black by the hunters I guide in the fall). Mona has a littermate that passed her CPR title at approximately 6 or 7 months of age. Mona’s dam TDK’s Jazzy has proven several pointing lab pups. Mona has proven herself to stay here as one of my top guide dogs.

Pedigree Information:

OFA Good

CERF Clear

OFA Hips: LR-226685E24M-VPI


OFA Elbow: LR-EL77938M24-VPI

UKC Reg: R255-314

UKC Points: 100

AKC Reg: SR87121301

Dog named Party


GMPR Mr. Bo Jangles SH x CPR TDK’s Pour’n Gas On The Fire

Party is a gorgeous 60 lb blocky headed female out of GMPR BO SH x CPR TDK’s Blaze. She was originally going to be sold as a started dog, but she was so impressive with her prey drive, passion for birds and INCREDIBLE STRONG point that started an early age (much like her mother Blaze), there was no way she was going anywhere. She received her Certified Pointing Retriever title with the APLA last fall and saw her first full season as a guide dog. She held her own against some very talented seasoned dogs. Her pedigree is full of GMPR’s and FC AFC titled dogs.

OFA Excellent • EIC Clear • PRA Clear • CERF Clear

Pedigree Information:

GMPR Mr. Bo Jangles SH

MPR Brock's Gold Nugget

Wyvemaxe Audley MH

Lady Chasity of Windy Hill SH

CPR HPK's Foxxy Lady

GMPR Cattail Corky

Slocum Trail's Pepper

CPR TDK's Pour'n Gas On The Fire

FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown

FC AFC Calumets Super Sonic (ylw)

FTCH AFTCH Clubmead's Autumn Breeze CDX WCX MH (ylw)

CPR TDK's Putting for Birdie JH

GMPR Rik's Risky Raider MH

Candlewood's Divine Ms M

Dog named Flirt


GMPR Bryant’s Sycamore Valley Scout JH x CPR TDK’s Havin A Good Time

Flirt is a 4th generation pointing lab that all started with CPR TDKs Putting For Birdie JH and includes CPR TDKs Blaze and CPR TDKs Party. She is definitely in the top 3 I’ve ever owned or seen for being flat-out bird crazy! She has a beautiful staunch point and loves to retrieve. She is a welcomed addition to the team.

OFA Good • CAER Clear • EIC CNM PRA Clear

OFA Good • CAER Clear • EIC CNM PRA Clear

Pedigree Information:

✓ MPR Bryant's Sycamore Valley Scout JH (blk)

 Optimus Prime (ylw)

✓ FC AFC Yellowstone's TNT Explosion JH (ylw)

✓ Fry Crk Calla Mae Of Big Crk (ylw)

✓ Johnson's Prima Isabella (choc)

✓ Deez Yogi Bear (choc)

✓ HR Kats Camoflage-Gogeta-Goose SH (choc)

✓ CPR TDK's Havin A Good Time (ylw)

✓ GMPR HPK's Mr Bo Jangles SH (ylw)

✓ MPR CPR Brock's Golden Nugget (ylw)

✓ CPR HPK's Foxxy Lady (ylw)

✓ CPR TDK's Pour'n Gas On The Fire (ylw)

✓  FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH (ylw)

✓  CPR TDK's Putting for Birdie JH (ylw)

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